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Robin Zaragoza

CEO & Founder

Robin has been working in tech for 20 years and delivering product for 15 years, both at start-ups you’ve never heard of and big companies like ebay and Tripadvisor. She's been the first product manager in the door, establishing ways of working where there was none, and large publicly traded companies, where she led teams of product managers in sunsetting obsolete products while also finding opportunities to grow existing ones.

Robin began her product management coaching journey in 2016, when she realized the main fulfillment she got from leading product teams was in the people aspect. Not long after, while still developing and delivering training for MindTheProduct, Robin founded The Product Refinery to be a place where fellow mid career product folks could come for the help and support they need, but don't have access to through their employers. Her most rewarding experience to date was working with a CPO/founder of a B2B insuretech startup who came from an engineering background, had all the basics down, but was unsure how to provide structure to the way the team and company approached product. Over the course of almost a year, she guided this CPO in defining a clearer strategy founded in data and evidence that helped the entire organization achieve their growth goals. This new clarity also brought with it better alignment and clearer focus for all departments, most notably for the sales team, which was historically a relationship fraught with tension. By the end of the engagement, the CPO had achieved the level of confidence and leadership skills he needed to fully realize his potential as a head of product.

Robin's warmth, lack of judgement, and flexibility are key elements to why clients love working with her. She provides an environment where her clients feel fully comfortable to share all elements of their challenges, which often include personal growth areas, in additional to implementation of good product practice.

While not necessarily a "bio-hacker" per say, Robin has a keen interest in health and fitness (which is why she went vegan in 2011 before it was a trend). Talk to her about the latest health podcast you've listened to or ask her about her newly acquired Peloton and you'll instantly win her over. Careful though, you might not get her to shut up after that!

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