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You don't have to go it alone

Working in product can be a lonely place. You have to make the best possible decisions, and fast. If you’re lucky, you have a team around you to help. But even then, they might not have the time or experience to help you. Or it might not seem safe to admit that you don’t have the answer.

No matter why you don’t have the support you need, you don’t have to go it alone.

We coach product managers and product leaders at all stages of their career. All our coaches are product people who have walked in your shoes and know your challenges intimately. We’ve solved the same problems and based on that experience we teach, advise, coach, and guide you. We help you find the path forward that's right for YOU.

Most of all, we help you get unstuck, unlock solutions, and achieve your goals even faster.

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Building high performing teams is a journey that takes time and focus

And like any journey, it's more straightforward when you have a map. That's where The Product Refinery comes in. Our programs are designed specifically for product management leaders to practice and develop the critical skills of leading others.

As your growth partner we'll keep you on track and give you the tools to guide you on your way.

Be coached in a way that suits you

Custom coaching
Work side-by-side with your coach to address longer term goals and complex challenges.
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Coaching sprints
Bridge your skills gap quick with a personalized learning program combined with one-to-one coaching.
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Team coaching
Group coaching to help you and your team overcome challenges or learn new skills together.
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Whether you’re a product leader revising the strategy you already have, a department of one creating the first product strategy for the company, or an executive wanting to input more effectively into the strategy process, this handbook has something actionable for you.

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