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From individual to team challenges, TPR product coaching helps you take control of the now to transform your future.

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Coaching makes all the difference

Working in product, you're used to facing complicated challenges – the kind of things a training course can't prepare you for.

We know that. And that's why coaching is at the core of what we do – it helps you see unique challenges from a fresh perspective, and discover solutions that were hiding in plain sight.

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Building high performing teams is a journey that takes time and focus

And like any journey, it's more straightforward when you have a map. That's where The Product Refinery comes in. Our programs are designed specifically for product management leaders to practice and develop the critical skills of leading others.

As your growth partner we'll keep you on track and give you the tools to guide you on your way.

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Achieve your goals, get unstuck and advance your career with the help of expert TPR product coaching,
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Whether you are an established or aspiring leader, our 4-week program gives you the tools you need to make coaching part of your toolkit.
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Whether you want to learn to coach others or be coached yourself, we start with a free taster session in which you:

  • experience what it's like to be coached
  • work through a current challenge
  • commit to tangible steps you'll take to overcome your challenge