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Things we do

  • Team coaching

    We work with you and your team to help define goals, overcome product challenges and achieve impact.

  • Designing ways of working

    We help you design processes to make your team as effective as they can be.

  • Group facilitation

    Whether you want an offsite for a day or a series of week-long design sprints, we can design the experience and provide an expert coach to facilitate it.

  • Training

    We teach product management techniques to your team, helping them to perform their best.

  • Individual coaching

    We work one-on-one with you and members of your team to help overcome product challenges and build skills.

  • Content

    We create clear, easy to understand, and engaging content to support your team in achieving their outcomes.

When you’re under pressure to deliver, we help you build a team you can trust

Being a product leader brings with it a unique set of pressures and expectations. You need to develop empowered, effective happy teams that meet their goals and have a sense of purpose.

But there are many challenges to overcome – creating clarity around strong product practice, helping the team adopt new skills and mindsets, and bringing the rest of the org along for the journey. And that’s all while finding the time to deal with the strategic elements of your role, too.

The Product Refinery is here to relieve that pressure. We help you define what good looks like for your product team, then partner with you to take the pain out of getting them there. With experienced product coaches to help your team every step of the way, you can rely on us.

How we work with you

Our entire team are product practitioners with extensive experience, so we know what works. Our collaborative, iterative approach means you can maximize impact and minimize risk.

Our first class account management and transparent process mean you and your stakeholders are bought-in and up-to-date throughout the engagement.

We follow a simple three-step process to deliver your solution.


Detailed diagnosis

  • Goals alignment
  • Product skills assessment
  • Product team health-check


Co-designed solutions

  • Collaborative design process
  • Stakeholder onboarding
  • Discovery


Delivery you can trust

  • Coaching, training and facilitation
  • Change management
  • Supporting content

Common challenges we solve

Every team is different, but we find that there are some challenges that are requested more than others:

From effective discovery through to sunsetting products, intentionally-designed ways of working help develop high-performing product team that people want to join. Working in close partnership, we co-design the best ways of working for your team and organization. Then we help you document those processes and implement them.

Communication & stakeholder alignment

Whether it’s talking about your product to customers or getting stakeholders aligned to your product strategy, effective communication is vital. We help you create your product story and tell it in a clear, compelling and consistent way.

Identifying & filling product skills gaps

We help you find out out what skills gaps are holding you and your team back then design a program to help you fill those gaps.

Product strategy

We help you work through creating and rolling out your product strategy, in a way that gets people on-board in the right way at the right time.

OKRs & alignment

We all know the importance of goals and alignment. Our product coaches are expert at helping you design objectives and key results that align with the aspirations of your team and the goals of the business.

Product mindset

Improve cross-functional collaboration by teaching the basics of product management across your organisation.

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We're always interested to find out about the challenges product teams are facing. In a quick, informal call, we can discuss:

  • the key challenges your team is facing right now
  • some rapid ideation on how you might solve those challenges
  • your questions on how our coaching process works
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