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Harness the power of coaching

Working with a coach is a great way to get unstuck on the big challenges you face, see fresh perspectives and be accountable for actually making things happen. But what if you need to do this when you don't have a coach around?

That's where the Lean Coaching Canvas comes in – it uses key concepts from coaching to help you come up with solutions to your challenges, then plan and commit to your most impactful next action.

When to use the Lean Coaching Canvas

The Lean Coaching Canvas is helpful in most situations when you are stuck or feeling overwhelmed. We've seen people using it in really creative ways and here are some of the most common.
By yourself

Get unstuck on your biggest challenges by organising your thoughts and committing to take the most impactful next step you possibly can.

With your team

Work on a shared challenge, come up with creative solutions, then get aligned and hold each other accountable for  taking the next steps.

With your manager

Use the canvas to structure a conversation with your manager, get aligned on your goals, and identify where they can help or support you.

With your coach

Come prepared to your coaching sessions with your challenge mapped out, giving your coach the chance to create as much value as possible.

How to use it


Complete the sections in order and follow the prompts.

The canvas is designed to guide your thinking in a specific way and it has worked for lots of people – believe in it.


Create a new version of the canvas each time you complete your most impactful action.

It's an iterative tool and your understanding of the challenge will change changes each time your work through it.


Show your canvas to people.

They might help you with fresh ideas, or offer to help in ways you wouldn't expect, and they will certainly keep you accountable for completing your actions.

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