Meaningful challenges
solved together as a team

With team coaching sprints, facilitated by a TPR expert.

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Giving you and your team space to think

As a product leader, you're no doubt an effective facilitator yourself. And, as we all know, when you're focused on running a sprint, it's difficult to contribute to the creative output yourself.

Our designers, subject matter experts and coaches work closely with you to understand what you need, then create and facilitate the perfect sprint for you, meaning you and your team can focus 100% on the challenge you want to solve.

How it works



We work closely with you to understand your context fully and identify the needs of your team.



You get a detailed overview of the sprint process, additional learning materials and expected outcome.



A TPR coach facilitates the sprint, providing you with all the follow-up materials you need to make sure the outcomes stick.

Commonly requested team sprints

Every team is different, but we find that there are some sprint topics that are requested more than others:
Effective discovery

Co-creating effective and discovery processes that are scalable, flexible and put the user at the heart of your product.

Team process design

Thinking of your team as the product, helps you spot so many ways to improve and become more impactful.

Team values design

Defining what you and your team stand for to help improve alignment and decision-making.

OKRs and alignment

Designing objectives and key results that align with the aspirations of your team and the goals of the business.

Storytelling with data

Turning information into insight and communicating it effectively to your organisation and customers.

Product mindset

Improve cross-functional collaboration by teaching the basics of product management across your organisation.

Let's talk

We're always interested to find out about the challenges product teams are facing. In a quick, informal call, we can discuss:

  • the key challenges your team is facing right now
  • some rapid ideation on how you might solve those challenges
  • your questions on how our coaching process works