Where do you go when you don't have the answers?

One-to-one sessions with experienced product leaders to help you find solutions to your most challenging problems.

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Research shows that coaching is the wisest productivity investment when it comes to improving performance.

- Harvard Business Review

Everyone needs a coach, whether it’s a top level executive, a graduate student, a homemaker, a homeless person or the President of the United States.

Tony Robbins

Expert support, here when you need us

Working in product is a rewarding experience - we get to solve fun and interesting problems on a daily basis. But it can also be a lonely place when everyone is looking to you for direction, and you don't have the answers.

The Product Refinery coaches are highly experienced product leaders who know exactly what you're going through because we've been there too. We are your thought partners when you need help thinking through a challenge, your advisors when you seek fresh perspectives, and your mentors & teachers when you just don't know.

All our coaches are under strict NDA, so you get expert help with the peace of mind that everything you share is confidential.

We offer coaching session-by-session, in packages of sessions, and on a retainer basis. So no matter the size of your challenge, we have a coaching solution to help.

How it works


Detailed discovery

We take the time to really understand your challenges and context then co-create a coaching program based on your individual needs.


Coaching sessions

Sessions are 60-minutes in length, at a cadence and time that suits you, and with clear follow-up actions for you to take to maximise the impact of the coaching.


Unlimited check-ins

Check in anytime with your coach when you're feeling stuck and need support between sessions. We're always here to help.


Ben Hoskins

Partner Home Core Lead, Wayfair

“When I was leading the product team at Spark Networks, we needed product management coaching in order to enhance strategic thinking and team effectiveness. TPR were the ones to get us there. I would work with them again in a heartbeat.”

James Clark

Engineering Manager,

"Working with TPR was the fastest period of professional growth in my career. The coaching format, and the mix of strategic and tactical feedback accelerated learning and quickly became the most productive time during my week. My coach helped me identify the single greatest obstacle to being successful and overcome it."

Andre Bramptom

Former CTO,

"With TPR's persistent coaching of the team, our second quarter was our strongest yet in terms of achieving our objectives."

Common challenges

Our coaches are used to dealing with a diverse range of questions and issues. Here are some common challenges we've helped clients solve recently:
Career planning

"I'd really like to take on a more senior role but I keep getting overlooked and I don't know why. How do I make a case for my promotion?"

Stakeholder management

"We're moving from a sales-led organization to a product-led organization. The relationship between product and sales is really strained as a result. How do I bring the sales team along for the ride?"

Team design and development

"I've just been promoted from individual contributor to managing other product managers and I'm feeling absolutely overwhelmed. Where do I start?"


"I'm really good at the process of delivering features, but have yet to interact with customers. I finally have the opportunity to do some customer research for a new set of features. How do I figure out what customers are willing to pay for?"

Product strategy

“We're weighing up expanding the current product porfolio versus entering new markets. How do I even go about assessing our opportunities and deciding between the two strategies?"

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We know coaching can seem like a big commitment. That's why we offer a free coaching consultation. You can learn more about our programs, explore how coaching can help you achieve your goals, and decide if it's right for you.