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Our Mission

To help product people become measurably better through practical, evidence-based coaching and coach training.

The practices of product management were still in their infancy when TPR's founder Robin started her career as a product manager.

Product managers mostly had to rely on trial & error to understand the role and master their craft, creating longer cycles for success and lots of frustration along the way.

Thankfully, things have moved on since then. Today there are a plentitude of articles, books, podcasts, trainings, conferences, and communities on how to build great product. But not so when you are moving from managing product to managing people. Trial and error strategies remain the default solution.

That’s where TPR comes in.

Our programs are inspired by the challenges Robin faced – and indeed many product leaders continue to face – while on the path to powerful product leadership. Our team brings together expertise in coaching, product design and digital learning to deliver our pioneering product leadership programs.

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Robin Zaragoza

Founder and CEO

Robin has been working in tech for 20 years and delivering product for the last 15 of those at companies of various sizes, from early stage start-ups where she was the first product manager, to large publicly traded companies where she led teams of product managers. Robin has spent the last six years consulting to and coaching product leaders.

She’s seen over and over again the challenges product managers face as their leadership responsibilities expand – they’re the same challenges she faced when she moved into product leadership.

Robin founded The Product Refinery to address this leadership gap and empower product leaders to grow more quickly and effectively in their capabilities.

Wil Procter

Head of Learning

Wil has been working in digital learning since the early 2000s designing digital learning experiences and building learning teams to solve the interesting problems that arise when learning and technology meet.

He’s worked with a wide range of companies – including Google, Facebook, Barclays, HSBC, Education First, Oxford University Press, The International Olympic Committee, AVADO and CIPD – and has picked up a few industry awards along the way.

Wil joined TPR excited by the idea of building something miles ahead of typical leadership courses, in both the experience it creates and the effectiveness of the program.

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Alfie Dennen

Program Consultant

Alfie has worked in product since MySpace was the biggest thing going, and along with building a few successful start-ups has worked both agency and client-side, designing solutions and leading the teams that make them happen.

Alfie has delivered product strategy and management for companies as diverse as Scottish Power, Specsavers, Google and Kelloggs, as well as run product teams for the UK Government.

He is excited about the work TPR's is doing because it delivers genuine value to people who really need it, and he loves helping TPR clients figure out what program will best address their challenges.