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The advice that sticks out I got from John Doerr, who in 2001 said, "My advice to you is to have a coach.

Eric Schmidt

Everyone needs a coach. We all need people that give us feedback. That’s how we improve.

Bill Gates

If you could learn it by yourself, why haven't you?

When you know you need to upskill in a particular area of your work, the first thing that comes to mind is courses. Training courses are perfect for level-setting or when a topic is brand new to you. They're not so great when you have a narrow gap in your knowledge. Working through a whole course just to get to the useful nuggets is time-consuming and a poor use of your money.

Or you could do it a book or get some ideas in a Slack group to find the right approach and framework. But applying generic best practice to your situation isn't effective. Your context is unique and needs to be taken into account, which books and blog posts can't account for. While you're trying to figure things out, you lose valuable time you could be spending on your product.

With a coaching sprint, you have have an expert on hand to help you:

  • narrow your focus down to the things that matter
  • apply what you learn in the most impactful way possible
  • skip the mistakes most people make along the way.

All while keeping you accountable for actually getting it done!

How it works


your gaps

Your coach takes the time to understand your context, help you clarify your goals, and then identify the specific skills to develop that will have the most impact for YOU.


your skills

Based on their expert knowledge, your coach curates a hyper-personalized learning plan with the best materials and activities to help you acquire the skills you need in that moment.


as you go

Based on your progress, your coach revises your learning plan every session to make sure you're always working on the most relevant and impactful things possible.


Natalia King

Head of Product, MyKindaFuture

"In just one quick session, it became really clear what my next steps should be. It had been bugging me for weeks & just a few clear questions gave me such clarity of thought!"

Daniel Hutson

Associate Director of Product, BGL Group

"I particularly enjoyed the personalized coaching  – it really helped crystallize things for me."

Luke Grimstrup

Senior Product Manager, MessageMedia

"Personalized coaching with TPR was super helpful – going through the approach to goal setting and learning how to put that into action was exactly what I needed!"

Common sprint areas

All our sprints are individual and hyper-personalized. These areas cover some of the most commonly-requested topics.
Product strategy & planning

Including topics such as: Product vision, value proposition, portfolio management, product goals, roadmapping, financial modeling, etc .

Delivery practices

Including topics such as: Collecting and managing feature requests, prioritization, story management (estimation, breakdown, etc), managing product releases, agile practices.

Customer research & development

Including topics such as: Best practices of product discovery, recruiting and managing research participants, types of research and choosing the right type, managing the research phases,conducting customer interviews, synthesizing and communicating research, setting up continuous customer engagement practices.

Product testing & analytics

Including topics such as: Testing methodologies, data fluency, measuring product maturity and customer satisfaction, making product data part of the product process.

Building new products from scratch

Including topics such as: Market and competitor analysis, product and customer analysis, running a design sprint, prototyping, creating a business case, pricing best practices.

Communication and collaboration

Including topics such as: Stakeholder management, instilling product mindset, working effectively with engineering, storytelling, communicating with data, keeping senior management aligned, running workshops.

Team management

Including topics such as: Assessing teams & individual competencies, team organization & structure, communities of practice, managing team culture, running effective 1:1's, coaching/mentoring/upskilling direct reports, recruiting and running interviews, goals management.

Career management

Including topics such as: Searching for a job, effective resumes, interviewing as a candidate, how to get started in a new role, transitioning to product from another discipline, being recognized & standing out, personal branding.

What's included

TPR Coaching Sprint

Fill your skills gap fast with a learning program created just for you, plus support from an expert product coach along the way.

What you get:

  • 60 min discovery & goal setting session

  • Weekly action plan with learning resources and frameworks

  • 3 x 30 minute coaching sessions spread across the sprint

  • Unlimited email check-ins to answer burning questions between coaching sessions

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We know coaching can seem like a big commitment. That's why we offer a free coaching consultation. You can learn more about our programs, explore how coaching can help you achieve your goals, and decide if it's right for you.