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Neha Datt

Product Coach

Neha is a product consultant who has built, led and enabled teams as an agile/leadership coach, interim director and hands-on practitioner (product manager, service designer and delivery lead). She’s most proud of finding product-market fit for the now award-winning, sustainable fashion startup thelittleloop, and delivering the strategic (albeit unsexy) technology platform at Siemens Healthineers which contributed to the biggest medtech IPO globally (as of writing).

Lucky enough to have had inspiring mentors and role models, Neha has been ‘paying it forward’ over the past 10yrs by pairing, critiquing, mentoring, coaching and (occasionally) running training. A great outcome for her is to see her mentees grow in skills and confidence, while navigating through systemic challenges and entrenched power structures.

On a personal note, when she’s not fantasising about being an activist, Neha loves to experiment with cooking, music and her London ‘garden’. She also loves to head Down Under for the scorching Aussie summer to spend time with her family, childhood friends and really very harmless spiders.

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