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Katia Suchkova

Product Coach

Over the last decade, Katia has worked across various B2B product areas in enterprises, such as ServiceNow and hyper-growing startups like 15Five where she directly managed a distributed team of product managers. Katia started coaching 4 years ago and made it her full-time career in February 2021 after recognizing how many product managers get stuck mid career and feel internally ready yet unequipped and unprepared to transition to leadership. Since then, she successfully coached new Directors and Heads of Product by helping them navigate this career transition and gain clarity, confidence, and leadership mindset, as well as Senior Product Managers who feel ready to move forward but don't know what it takes.

Before settling down in Costa Rica in 2020, Katia explored the world as a digital nomad while navigating a full-time product leadership career. Nowadays, she is exploring the new intersection of product leadership and mindfulness after completing a 2-year certification program as a mindfulness teacher.

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