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Chisara Nwabara

Product Coach

Chisara is a Service & Product Specialist experienced in helping enterprises across diverse industries and stages of development improve their operational performance and capabilities through the application of evidence-based programme management methodologies. Through her work, Chisara earned a reputation as a transformational leader with a history of performance maximizing business opportunities through achievements in organizational change, product management, relationship management, process improvement, staff development, and strategic planning.

She’s worked across various product teams to make feedback loops and communication more effective through the use of experimentation, process engineering and service design. Chisara is also deeply invested in organisational culture and helping companies to be more psychologically safe and equally opportunistic for their employees. This work entails building bridges between companies and local communities, as well as being a representative face in public spaces where Chisara works to be visible to peers and those looking for role models that she found where lacking in the earlier stages of her career.

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